Girls Rugby Club are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with the world famous Barbarians Rugby Club to find the squad for the first ever girls Barbarians team. 

With over 500 registrations it was impossible to include everyone and we have made the game more accessible by including some players in the Rugby School Invitational XV.

Those listed below will have the chance to represent the teams in the first game of it's kind but we hope to have more games in the future and we will be looking to host some training camps for all those that were unlucky to miss out this time around.

Thank you for your incredible interest in the game and we are sorry we couldn't select you all.

All information regarding the fixture will be emailed out to the selected parties.

Barbarians XV

  1. Iona Hancock (C)
  2. Lelia Harris
  3. Olive Ward
  4. Zara Martin
  5. Milly Blake
  6. Ines Gueriri
  7. Xaynab Ahmed
  8. Brooke Saunders
  9. Dita Shaw (VC)
  10. Jennifer Barnett
  11. Ella Pryke
  12. Bernice Ng
  13. Lelia Chubb
  14. Bibi Gordon
  15. Clemmie Amsden
  16. Daisy Munns
  17. Eren Curtis
  18. Toral Patel
  19. Sophia Greaves
  20. Emily Donne
  21. Francesca Penman
  22. Isy Davies
  23. Ellie Redfern

Rugby School Invitational XV

  1. Libby Mcloed
  2. Hermonie Williams
  3. Ellen Williams
  4. Eloise Seward
  5. Poppy Miley (C)
  6. Maise Williams
  7. Liv Harper
  8. Claudia Clemons
  9. Ella Barnes
  10. Elizabeth Pap
  11. Violet Mayhew (VC)
  12. Summer Hartshorn
  13. Niamh Robertson-Jack
  14. Mia Cunningham
  15. Millie Hemsley
  16. Keira Vickers
  17. Lexie Hall
  18. Ruby Corbett
  19. Fenella Slack
  20. Zoe Mann
  21. Phoebe Weaver
  22. Grace Colloins
  23. Sophie Martin
  • Friday 8th December 2023

    • Team Arrival at Rugby School 2pm
    • Training Session
    • Team Meal
    • Shirt Presentation
    • Stay at Bolton Grange with staff supervision

  • Saturday 9th December 2023

    • Team Breakfast
    • Girls KO 1020
    • Lunch
    • Boys KO 1415
    • Formal Dinner and Presentations 1630
  • Parent Notes

    • All accommodation costs will be covered for players
    • Spectators are welcome
    • Live Stream
    • First ever Girls Barbarians XV
    • Celebrating 200 years of Rugby with Rugby School