The Ultimate Hype Playlist

The Ultimate Hype Playlist

With a little help from our Advisory Board, Girls Rugby Club writer Stella Mills, has created the ultimate hype playlist to get us motivated!

Even athletes at the top of their game need motivation to get going and music can play an essential part in this. Whether you are preparing yourself for a big run, a team training session or game day; hype songs are essential. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get in the right headspace to achieve your goals. Here at Girls Rugby Club, with a little help from our Advisory Board, we’ve got you covered. Together we have created the ultimate playlist to get you going and trust us when we say these are guaranteed to get you in a good mood! *Please be warned some of these songs are explicit in nature. 1. Sliding in hot at number one is Titanium – David Guetta, a great song to get you in the zone. This banger was chosen by England Rugby legend, Rocky Clark. Putting this in at number one was a no brainer; we love the slow and steady build up to the beat drop, and once it drops – you know about it! 2. Next up we have Unstoppable – Sia. Chosen by Sarah Abd Elbaki, Head of Women’s Rugby Development in Syria, this is guaranteed to ensure the changing room vibe is on point. We especially love the line “I'm invincible yeah, I win every single game”, what more could you want from a pre-match hype song? 3. Prefer belting out a power ballad at the top of your lungs? In at number three we have Don’t stop believin’ – journey, a wise choice coming from Australian rugby legend, Shannon Parry. This one is a classic, with high energy that’s guaranteed to put you in a good mood. 4. Earning fourth place we have Too Many Man – Skepta, chosen by Wasps player, Flo Williams. If Skepta had an official job title, we are sure it would be the nation’s hype man. So, we figured it was only right to include this bop of a tune in our playlist. 5. Craving a change of pace? We’ve got you. Girl (Daughter of Scotland) – Sharon Martin is Rhona Lloyd’s choice. As a Scotland player, it’s hardly surprising that she went for this one. Sometimes it is the meaning behind the song, rather than the pace that provides the motivation to get you going. And this one is super encouraging, “You can be anything you believe you can be” is one of our favourite lines. 6. A classic banger to get you in the mood for any type of session, Numb/Encore – JAY-Z comes in at number six. We can confirm from a reliable GRC source that this is Leanne Riley’s ultimate hype tune, we wonder if this got played in the changing room ahead of the Six Nations Final? 7. Who doesn’t love a classic pump song? Kickstart My Heart – Motley Crue weighs in heavily at number seven, with a strong base feel this one has serious head banging vibes. We have confirmation that this tune is the one thing that gets Bristol Bears player, Stef Evans, in the mood to pump some iron. 8. At number eight, chosen by Atlanta St John, we have Remember the Name – Fort Minor. This song creates the kind of energy we all need. For those keen beans who recognise the beat, this was used as a soundtrack in the BBC Sport Women’s World Cup advert. Either way, it’s an incredible song, with some hearty attitude behind it. 9. Former Black Fern, Susan Dawson, gets our number nine choice with Hard Love – Need to Breathe. This songs steady climb would be perfect for an uphill spin session, we can already imagine this one powering you through the dreaded quad burn! 10. Our final selection goes to Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machine. With an empowering tempo, this song was made to be blasted LOUD! This one is known to be a favourite of Founder of Women in Rugby, Jean O’Grady. The uplifting melody with a consistent beat throughout provides the foundations for the perfect hype song.

And here's the full playlist:

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