Girls Rugby Club and Barbarians Team Up To Form The First Ever Female Barbarians U18s Side

Girls Rugby Club and Barbarians Team Up To Form The First Ever Female Barbarians U18s Side

- Girls Rugby Club and the world famous Barbarians have teamed up to form the first ever female U18s side -

- Participants will get to be part of history, as well as receiving expert coaching and meeting other talented players from across the country -

- The team will take on Rugby Schools U18s at Rugby School on the 9th of December -

Girls Rugby Club, a unique platform for girls who love rugby, has teamed up with the world famous Barbarians to create the first ever female U18s Barbarians side, who will take on Rugby School U18s in a special one-off game on Saturday 9th December. 

Girls Rugby Club was founded by England legend, Rachael Burford, who has been committed to providing opportunities for girls to pursue their love of rugby with ease since 2020. This unique collaboration with the iconic Barbarians Rugby Club, means Rachael’s vision for Girls Rugby Club has created the opportunity for a number of girls to be part of an incredible milestone for female rugby.

The Barbarians Rugby Club was formed in 1890, a club where membership was invitation only, and didn’t have a permanent home. The concept that the Barbarians brought to life allowed talented players from a vast range of clubs to come together to play the game they loved, and Barbarian teams have gone on to now play regular fixtures against top international sides such as South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. 

The Barbarians launched their women’s team in 2017 and have been committed to welcoming more talented female players and to encourage them to play with the style and passion Barbarian teams are famous for. Girls Rugby Club Coach and England great Rocky Clarke is a notable name to have featured for Barbarians’ Women’s side.

The match to be played against Rugby School is the first ever age group Barbarian’s fixture for female players, marking another significant landmark in the journey of the organisation.

Founder of Girls Rugby Club, Rachael Burford said: 

“This is a truly unique opportunity and another landmark moment for the women’s game. For the first time girls at junior level will be able to represent the Barbarian’s and I am delighted that the girls from the Girls Rugby Club community will have the chance to put themselves forward to be part of a new chapter in history. Having a female U18s side will no doubt open up amazing opportunities for the 25 that make the squad, and help them to further their career in rugby.”

Girls Rugby Club will select a squad of 25 to be part of the first ever U18s female Barbarians side, where they will participate in a training session lead by expert coaches, a team dinner and a shirt presentation before taking on Rugby School U18s at Rugby School on the 9th of December.

This will be an unforgettable experience for those involved, and will no doubt help them become better players and drive their love of the game.

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