Join us on Zoom for our First Annual General Meeting

Following the overwhelming global reception to the launch of the Girls Rugby Club at the end of September, we are beyond excited to host our first AGM on Monday 16th November and get chatting with you all!

The GRC’s first AGM will run on zoom at 19;30pm, hosted by GRC Advisory Board member and host extraordinaire Alice Soper from New Zealand and led by our legendary founder and former England international Rachael Burford.

The AGM is a chance to talk to YOU directly and outline our aims for the GRC, as well as introducing you to our Advisory Board, a group of strong, vocal and driven international women with a passion for rugby, who can champion our mission and lead us on the movement.

Rachael said: “We firstly wanna talk about where we’re going with GRC, discussing the camps, the online education platform to support players parents, coaches and clubs. Explain all of those and where we’re going with them.”

“Secondly we want to hear some of the issues on the ground in women’s and girls’ rugby. It doesn’t just have to be big issues either.”

Our mission is to provide a pathway for girls and women within rugby, redress negative attitudes and stereotypes towards the female game and to serve as an independent voice for girls and women involved in rugby throughout the world.

But we can’t do it alone. And the truth is, we’re more powerful together.

That’s why we’re encouraging and welcoming absolutely ANYONE to come and partake in the first AGM. Whether you have a question to ask, or just want to watch the meeting from afar, there will be lots of ways you can interact with the AGM

Rachael said: “There will be different ways to communicate in the AGM zoom call, whether it be in the call, live chatroom or sending in discussion emails before-hand”

“It’s also a place to talk about things that may be uncomfortable to talk about in other settings such as your rugby club etc.”

We want it to be a place where we can converse and discuss issues in the women’s game that affect you, no matter how big or small, address them, and then set out a plan to address these issues.

Rachael said: “We want to see who wants to engage, how they need support and help, and then what we can do about it.”

“For example, simple things like the fact that we can’t ever find kit that fits, from their we’d try and find ways of having conversations with adidas about bespoke rugby player kit for young girls.

“We want to be able to walk away from the AGM and go, these are our three focus points that we wanna make a difference in and then put our energy time and resources into supporting those issues. Because we really wanna be able to deliver to the community.”

This of course, isn’t just a female exclusive zoom call either and we more than welcome any boys or men that would like to partake in the AGM.

Rachael said: “The call is not just for women either, it would be stupid to think that women’s rugby would be as good as it is without men involved”

“Loads of my favourite coaches growing up were male and they’re often the parent or friend that get girls into rugby in the first place and encourage it”

If you want to be a part of the GRC’s first ever AGM, then simply click here and follow the instructions to take part and become part of the movement!



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